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About Us

We'd like to tell you about the key people who work behind the scenes to make our Thames Centre Service Dogs successful and how we got to this point. We will provide information on another essential part of our business as well: our White German Shepherd breeding program.

Director L. Elizabeth Baker

Ms. Baker owns and operates Thames Centre Service Dogs. She began her career almost 30 years ago as a Canine Behavioral Consultant, specializing in canine aggression. Her career change to service dog training started in 2003 when her son was diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder and pervasive developmental disorder.

In 2005, Ms. Baker decided to expand her focus on autism, epilepsy, brain injury, and psychiatric service. Since that time, she:

Director L. Elizabeth Baker
  • Has pioneered training protocols for service dogs for psychiatry and fetal alcohol spectrum disorder in the country.
  • Is involved in pilot programs with several psychiatric organizations, colleges, and a university, assisting in the study of psychotherapy incorporating therapy and service dogs.
  • Is involved in canine-assisted trauma therapy studies with organizations, police services, and physicians in Ontario and Quebec.

In 2008, Ms. Baker began working with Park wood Hospital OSI clinic in London, Ontario, to bring service dogs to veterans with operational stress injury and post-traumatic stress disorder. Since that time, she has spoken with government officials and members of Parliament, requesting funding for service dogs for veterans.

Ms. Baker has worked with the Ministry of Veterans Affairs and the Canadian General Standards Board to develop service dog standards in the country, as well as providing service dogs to veterans participating in the Laval University /Veterans Affairs Study on Veterans with PTSD and service dogs. In addition, she speaks at conferences and meetings to advance the service dog industry. She is proud to have working service dogs placed with clients throughout North America and the United Kingdom.

Ms. Baker has appeared in newspapers and magazine articles, as well as television and radio shows throughout the country. She also is a published author of magazine articles and a book, "When Spirits Lie: Living with FASD."

Senior Dog Trainer Kelly Adamski

With many years of experience in obedience training and service-dog training, Mr. Adamski serves as our senior dog trainer. We're lucky to have him join our company and look forward to many productive years ahead.

Kelly Adamski

Kennel Manager Nicole Field

Miss Field has been a member of our service-dog family for 10 years. She has worked as Kennel Manager since 2013. She works full time training our puppies and older service dogs. In addition, she is in charge of our White Shepherd breeding program.

Nicole Field

Our Facilities

The company got its start in Thorndale, Ontario, in 2003. In September of 2013, we moved to our new facilities in Mount Brydges. Since then, we have been busy updating the grounds and buildings of our training centre, filling in sinking dog runs and eliminating poor conditions.

Training Facilities

We are now a state of the art facility with fully heated kennels and a state of the art training facility, and we are wheelchair accessible. Our facilities are located in the beautiful scenic countryside, if you would like a tour of our facilities, please contact us.

Fenced In Training Area
Seating and Kitchen Area

Silver Hill Shepherds

Our company proudly introduced our exclusive line of White German Shepherds for service dogs in 2016. We breed this line specifically for excellence in temperament, intelligence, and stability under our family kennel name Silver Hill Shepherds to ensure a quality bloodline of dogs. These highly recognizable dogs are NOT bred for show rings or competitions, but instead to provide their handler with a confident, hardworking, even-tempered dog that is reliable and tranquil.

The White German Shepherd is known for its eagerness to learn, intelligence, and aloof-but-easy temperament. Its happy disposition makes it an excellent family dog that loves to cuddle, yet is courageous, alert, and fearless. Our dogs are socialized by us from birth and have many experiences in their lives before beginning their training, thanks to our staff and many volunteers. These dogs will be available to our clients on a limited basis, as we will breed our dams only once per year. All applicants must qualify to own one of our special fur babies.

We currently have 2 breeding pairs and plan to offer only 2 litters per year. This will make these Shepherds rare and only available to our clients who qualify. Our Shepherds are not available to the general public or other breeders, and those dogs who fail to qualify for service will be adopted out to those who pass our strict requirements.

White German Shepherd in Training
White German Shepherd

King (Stud); Elsie (Dam)

Our first small litter of 5 puppies — 3 girls and 2 boys. They were born June 3, 2016, and all of the pups are spoken for.

Our second litter was born Dec. 22, 2016, from Elsie and Eochid.


We are pleased to announce the addition of another breeding team — Ciagh and Wilburt.


We are please to announce that we will have new puppies in the beginning of July. from Arya and Wilbert.