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Intensive Service Dog Training

Currently, Thames Centre Service Dogs is following British Columbia certification standards for service dog training. In addition, we continue to pursue legal certification for training standards in Ontario.

We were a part of the Ministry of Veterans Affairs and Canadian General Standards Board (CGSB) effort to develop a national standard. This work began in June of 2015 but has since ended. We were proud to be a member of the Canadian Standards Council involved in this endeavour and are disappointed it has ended.

We want you to know our training standards are amongst the most intense in Canada, as our reputation is based upon our dogs being dependable and well-trained. Our dogs must complete basic and advanced obedience, desensitization, task, and public access before we allow them to go for certification. We regularly introduce our dogs to livestock to ensure they have no prey drive and have the ability to ignore other animals. We also have developed a mandatory school certification program for all our dogs that work in any elementary institution.

Finally, we do NOT use or believe in harsh training methods or train cookie-cutter dogs. All of our clients are individuals with vastly different needs. Because of this, our service dogs are trained according to each individual client's needs. This means 1-on-1 training, which is more time-consuming but results in better-trained dogs. This is why we have limited openings each year and often have a waiting list.

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