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After years of searching we finally came upon Thames Center for Service Dogs. From the very first phone conversation Liz reassured us that she would have a dog trained and ready for Cadance. Right from the start, Liz and her team were very caring and confident in their training of Luna. Our daughter has ASD and we knew that a service dog would change all of our lives, particularly for our daughter, Cadance.. Liz was very detailed in training Luna specifically to Cadance's needs. Liz welcomed visits and answered all of our questions leaving us relieved and confident with Luna. Liz brought Luna to us and spent the entire week training us with Luna. She also went to Cadance's school to ensure the team at the school was prepared for Luna and to help Luna become familiar with the routine. Not only did Liz make herself available to us whenever we had questions but continues to assist us with any obstacles we may encounter. Every email, text and call is always answered and the weekly training visits help to build Cadance and Luna's confidence as a team. Luna is an exceptionally trained service dog. She is constantly teaching us what to do in situations where we need her most. Since Luna's arrival, Cadance is more social and active as Luna brings her the confidence and calm comfort of a companion that she has always needed. She is starting to excel in her academics and is participating more in class. She is no longer running from school and her meltdowns are few to none. Luna senses when Cadance is feeling anxious or beginning to get upset and immediately acts to help Cadance not to meltdown in stressful situations. Liz and her team go above and beyond to ensure we have a great fit with Luna. Our lives are forever changed for the better thanks to Luna and Liz and everyone at TCSD. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you Liz for making our world a better place and most of all training Luna to be the perfect piece to making Cadance's life complete! --


Sarah Mercer 

August 11th, 2017 Re: Elizabeth Baker & Thames Centre Service Dogs To Whom It May Concern; I would like to confirm the experience and relationship I have through working with Elizabeth Baker from Thames Centre Service Dogs. My 11 year old daughter Paighton Perrier, acquired Porschia as her service dog about a year and a half ago, thanks to Elizabeth Baker at Thames Centre Service dogs. Elizabeth has from day one far exceeded any expectations or hopes I had for helping my daughter acquire a better quality of life. Little did I know at that time that it would also impact myself and her siblings. Elizabeth has been able to help our family acquire peace of mind, reassurance and safety through Porschia. Elizabeth and her staff have been exceptionally professional in maintaining their goal of always making herself and her staff readily available for us. With regards to training updates, any new materials or equipment necessary for Paighton’s service dog, Elizabeth has always been able to achieve positive results. Paighton’s service dog is extremely well trained with ongoing updating and refresher courses available at any time, to stay current and up to Thames Centre Service Dogs standards. Elizabeth has always gone above and beyond expectations in meeting with Paighton’s medical team, school staff, school board and any other requirements that may be necessary to integrate Portia within her everyday life. Elizabeth’s sensitivity, compassion and understanding for disabilities and challenges that come along is exceptional. She has built a bond of friendship and trust; more than just professional with myself and Paighton. Elizabeth takes great pride in the company she has built and works very hard to give those in need the help she is able to provide with professionalism. Paighton had very slim to no chances of acquiring a service dog if it weren’t for Thames Centre Service Dogs. Without seeking help outside of Canada, many of the other nonprofit foundations and Service Dog organizations were unable to meet the requirements for Paighton's specific and individual needs. Elizabeth, along with her staff at Thames Centre Service Dogs, were the only ones willing to go above and beyond the regular standard requirements in helping achieve that goal. Prior to having Portia, we would find ourselves having to make Emergency room trips for Paighton due to falls and injuries approximately two to three times a month. Since having Porschia over the past year and a half we have only had to go to the emergency once! The impact it has had is incredible and yet so difficult to express with just simple words. Having Portia has enabled Paighton to acquire more time at school and more freedom as a child. Portia helps Paighton stay in school regularly and for longer time periods, than she was able to achieve without a service dog. Her attendance was irregular and short lived at best. She also assists with Paighton’s mobility, to maneuver safely within crowds and places, anxiety, safety and independence which she is unable to accomplish on her own due to physical pain and her injury. Portia is an extremely sensitive dog who is able to pick up on Paighton's needs and will alert her when overstimulated due to her brain injury. This is extremely important and necessary for Paighton to further avoid serious harm or injury. I as a mother will be ever thankful and she will forever have my gratitude in what she has provided myself, my family and my daughter. I have the utmost respect for Elizabeth Baker, her staff and Thames Centre Service Dogs for their true dedication, passion and the outstanding service they provide.


Stephanie de la Celle

Beth Baker Thames Centre Service Dogs I am presently taking treatment for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder at Parkwood Hospital in London, Ont. I was asked at one of my sessions if I would consider having a mental health trained dog. I was unaware of such dogs so at lunch I read your brochure and immediately I decided that this was for me. I then made an appointment with you for an interview and you accepted me as a person who would benefit from a trained service dog. The dog you originally had in mind for me, after the interview, would not be suitable for me and another dog, a golden retreiver would be more suitable and your decision was an excellent one. You then told me the dog would be trained for my problems, depression, panic attacks / anxiety attacks and night time flash backs. I am a Navy veteran of WW11 and have suffered from PTSD for many years My dog is decreasing these problems and getting me back to leading a normal life. I was taking prescriptive medications prescribed by a psychiatrist and was told I will probably be on these for the rest of my life but with the help of my dog and you Beth , these medication have been stopped. Thank you Beth for helping me on the road to recovery.

Allan B. London. Ont.

Thames Centre Service Dogs, Recently I had the pleasure of meeting a Thames Centre Service dog. As a person with Aspergers Syndrome and Social Anxiety Disorder, crowds can be overwhelming for me and it was during a very crowded situation that I became acquainted with a very special dog named Obi. My anxieties were once again taking over my senses and I was enroute to escaping to a calmer place when I was stopped by Obi. He looked at me and I knew he wanted to help me, he understood. He did not care that my movements and hands were performing an erratic dance of panic. He did not care that my words were becoming laboured and I stuttered in my attempts to express myself. Obi saw me! I placed my hand on Obi's side and within a moment, I took a calm deep breath and my anxieties transferred from me to Obi and he seemingly dissolved them into space. Throughout the two days that I was in the crowded and overwhelming circumstances that I needed and chose to be part of, it was Obi who continued to assist me. I was in a world of excessive movement, sounds, smells and social rules that I did not understand but Obi understood me. Thames Centre Service Dogs provide a connection of unbiased acceptance and calm to individuals that may be enveloped in chaos and misunderstanding due to inflictions or differences. Service Dogs allow individuals to know that they can overcome obstacles that may have become be part of lives and to not have their differences prevent them from belonging and being a part of society. Thames Centre Service Dogs can provide a key to the doors that may be opened for those that require some assistance and guidance. In a moment, my life became calmer and allowed me to belong and stay where I needed to be because Obi saw me and his non-judgemental understanding guided me to a calmer existence. Thank you, Elizabeth and Obi for "seeing me". You changed a life! You made a difference! Sincerely grateful, Nancy Getty A.S.P.I.E.S. (asperger syndrome proficient information education services) Differences are meant to be Discovered and Understood Once Understood, they are no Longer Just Differences Thames Centre Service Dogs Dear Elizabeth; I would like to write concerning the service dog for our Granddaughter. She was traumatized greatly, when she suddenly lost both of her parents. Ultimately, she was diagnosed with PTSD and accompanying Hypervigilence, along with ADHD, as explained by the therapist and doctor she now sees. My wife and I had quite a challenge ahead of us as well as the initial loss ourselves. To put it plainly, we don’t know what we would do without the help of her Service Dog! He is a constant companion and protector, and a comfort at bed time, as she can now sleep through the night with him beside her. He always follows her around the house as if to say you’re ok! I’m right here with you. It is wonderful to see the positive changes in our Granddaughter, not crying and missing mommy and daddy, but relying on her dog as a friend who will listen (no matter how long the conversation by her). We ourselves have found a true support and friend in our Service Dog as well! Thank you so much for being there for us, in the training and the support of the “Family Service Dog’, because that is what he is to all of us! Sincerely, J.S.

We have known Elizabeth Baker since 2010 when we approached her about the possibilities for Service Dogs for our 2 children who are affected with FASD as well as mental health and developmental issues. Elizabeth provided training and certification for 2 dogs for our family, Phoebe, a black lab for our daughter Olivia who was 5 at the time. Phoebe has been attending school with Olivia since grade 1 and is the only reason Olivia was able to attend public school. All of Olivia's teachers and schools have been impressed with Phoebe's ability to assist Olivia and how well trained she is. Elizabeth provides yearly recertification for Phoebe who is soon 8 years old for attending school and has made herself available to any phone calls or visits to schools to assist in any questions about having the dog at school. Elizabeth's ability to work well with our kids is second to none. She empowers the children in the training and care of their dog and has made them amazing handlers of their service dogs. Connor's dog is Lexi, she is now 8 years old and has worked with Connor at school and in residential settings. Elizabeth has gone to do training and information sharing at all Connors schools and in his residential placement settings. Lexi has given Connor so much support to help him be the best he can, and, Elizabeth's ability to understand and work with Connor is incredible. Our experience with Thames Centre Service Dogs and Elizabeth Baker have been nothing but wonderful and we have made referrals to many families looking to acquire a Service Dog for their families. Elizabeth is always available by phone, email or text to consult with any questions we may have regarding our dogs and has always promptly and professionally responded. Thankyou, Wendy Conforzi