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Silver Hill Shepherds

We are pleased to introduce our exclusive line of white shepherds for service dogs beginning in 2016.  This line is specifically bred by us for excellence in temperament, intelligence and stability under our family kennel name 'Silver Hill Shepherds' to ensure a quality bloodline of dogs.  These dogs are NOT bred for show rings or competitions, but instead to provide their handler with a confident, hardworking, even tempered dog who is reliable and tranquil.  The white shepherd is well known for it's eagerness to learn, intelligence and easy temperament.  It's happy disposition makes it an excellent family dog that loves to cuddle, yet are courageous, alert and fearless.  These dogs are socialized by us from birth and have many experiences in their lives before even beginning service dog training, thanks to our staff and many volunteers! These dogs will be available to our clients, on a limited basis as we will only breed our dams once per year. All applicants must qualify to own one of our furbabies. 

 We currently have two breeding pair and plan to have only two litters per year.  This will make these shepherds rare and only available to our clients who qualify.  Our shepherds are not available to the general public or to other breeders and those dogs who fail to qualify for service will be adopted out to those who pass our strict requirements.


                                                                                   King (stud)                  Elsie (dam)    

 Our first small litter of five puppies, three girls and two boys!  They were born June 3, 2016 and all pups are spoken for.  

                                           Our second litter was born December 22, 2016 from Elsie and Eochid