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"After years of searching, we finally came upon the Thames Center for Service Dogs. From the very first phone conversation, Liz reassured us that she would have a dog trained and ready for Cadance. Right from the start, Liz and her team were very caring and confident in their training of Luna. Our daughter has ASD and we knew that a service dog would change all of our lives, particularly for our daughter, Cadance. Liz was very detailed in training Luna specifically to Cadance's needs. Liz welcomed visits and answered all of our questions leaving us relieved and confident with Luna. Liz brought Luna to us and spent the entire week training us with Luna. She also went to Cadance's school to ensure the team at the school was prepared for Luna and to help Luna become familiar with the routine. Not only did Liz make herself available to us whenever we had questions but continues to assist us with any obstacles we may encounter. Every email, text, and call is always answered and the weekly training visits help to build Cadance and Luna's confidence as a team. Luna is an exceptionally trained service dog. She is constantly teaching us what to do in situations where we need her most. Since Luna's arrival, Cadance is more social and active as Luna brings her the confidence and calm comfort of a companion that she has always needed. She is starting to excel in her academics and is participating more in class. She is no longer running from school and her meltdowns are few to none. Luna senses when Cadance is feeling anxious or beginning to get upset and immediately acts to help Cadance, not to meltdown in stressful situations. Liz and her team go above and beyond to ensure we have a great fit with Luna. Our lives are forever changed for the better thanks to Luna and Liz and everyone at TCSD. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you, Liz, for making our world a better place and most of all training Luna to be the perfect piece to making Cadance's life complete!"

— Sarah M.